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Product Sourcing

All our Beef products are from Grass-fed cattle, but the suppliers do vary.

All our meat is bought as whole straps and trimmed by our chefs to minimise wastage.

All off cuts are used to make our famous 'garlic beef for our pizzas'.

              Now  using OBE Organic Beef


We believe that the health and enviromental benifts of using organic grass fed beef more than justify the increased cost (and if it cost more, then hopefully we will eat less!)  We are evently aiming to only use organic produce. However until there is increased demand, sourcing organic meats can be tricky, so its one step at a time!

The great news is that the more consumer  awareness there is of the benifts of organic grass fed beef, the more products will become available, so help us spread the word about how tasty our 'Organic grass fed beef' really is!!

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