(all our desserts are made with love by us, and are 100% gluten free, and 'thanks' to our local council are now 100%  raw egg free)



Chocolate Pudding  (dariy Free) - $9.50

Coconut cream, maple syrup, raw cacao & chia seeds

Brown Rice & Coconut Rice Pudding  (dariy Free) - $9.50

Brown Rice, pineapple, coconut cream, honey, coconut flakes & dusted with Cinnamon

Crunchie Cheesecake - $9.50

Cream cheese & greek yogurt set cheesecake, with homemade honeycomb & dark chocolate

Tiramisu - $9.50

Traditonal italian triffle, with coffee soaked sponge cake layers between marscapone cheese

Chocolate Mousse - $9.50

Egg free dark chocolate mousse with vanilla & raw cacao

Chocolate mudcake - $9.50

Rich dark chocolate mudcake with a milk chocolate ganash (best served warm)

Nutella calzone -$10.50

Crispy folded pizza with a Nutlella inside, dusted with icing sugar

Nutella, strawberry and marshmallow calzone -$10.50

Crispy folded pizza dusted with icing sugar, with Nutella, strawberry's and marshmallows inside.

Nutella and banana calzone -$10.50

Crispy folded pizza with a Nutella and banana inside, dusted with icing sugar


Brought to you by 'Art of Gelato'

(M) 250ml     $5.50

Chocolate, Mint Choc, Hazelnut, Mango

(L) 500ml     $9.50

Chocolate, Mint choc, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Lemon sorbet, Rice milk chocolate


Currently serving Nutella Calzones!!

The great news that 'Ferreo' has listened to the public and now has a 'palm oil charter'. means we can sell our supper yummy nutella calzones again!! And is a great testament to how if we all speak up we can make a difference! We are currently still using 'Nutino' as they are Austrlian owned and have never used palm oil in their products. (beware of the woolworths home brand hazelnut spread, still using the bad stuff!)