All meals & sauces are gluten free


Choose your protein


Eggplant   $15.50 

Crumbed & fried eggplant slices 

Chicken    $17.50

220-250g grilled Chicken breast

Pork   $18.50

160-180g  of tender pan fried pork scallopini

Beef Brisket        $18.50

280g-300g  grass fed slow smoked  Beef Brisket




Choose your Sauce

(All sauces can be made without cream or garlic on request)


Diane - garlic & worcestershire sauce

Mustardo - Seeded mustard cream

Fungi - Mushrooms & shallots in a white wine cream

Pepe verde - Green peppercorns and black pepper cream

Limone - Lemon & white wine cream sauce

Marsala - Italian marsala wine & cream

Terra e mare ($2 extra) - Port flamed prawns in a cream sauce

Little Italy ($2 extra) - Prawns & green peppercorn in an avocado cream

Pescara ($2 extra) - Prawns & green peppercorn in a rose sauce

Padrino - Pinenuts, mushroom & red wine in napolitana

Monalisa - Eggplant, onion & olives with napolitana and mozarella


Parmigana - Crumbed & fried then baked with napolitana & cheese

(Pork, Chicken or eggplant only)


Then choose your side

Creamy potatoe & vegetables

Kaleslaw & Corn

Hot Chips

(the default side if you don't specify is potatoe and veg)


*sides will be in the same container (except kalesalaw) for on the side and extra serve must be ordered


Side of Potato & Veg - $5.50

Side of Kaleslaw & Corn - $6,50