Made on a traditonal italian base, with 50% wholemeal flour

Home made Gluten free bases available for an additonal $2  (all toppings are gluten free)

(S) 9" 4 Slices   (M) 11" 6 Slices    (L) 13" 8 Slices (half and half in (L) only -  $4 Extra)

All pizzas come standard with tomato base (contains garlic), cheese & oregano


For A Limited Time!

The Cheeseburger

Ground beef, pickles, diced onion, american cheddar & mustard  on a tomato ketchup base

(S) $15   (M)$18  (L)$20.50



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Choose Your Own

Tell us what you want, no resonable request will be refused**

(S) $17   (M)$20   (L)$22.50

Pork & Slaw

Smoked pork belly, caramelised onion, kaleslaw & pork crackling

(S) $17   (M)$20   (L)$22.50

Sweet & Sour Brisket

Pulled Beef Brisket, Caramalised onion, roasted peppers, jalpenos, Australian Fetta & Soured Kale

(S) $17   (M)$20   (L)$22.50

The Antipasti

Basil, onion, sundried tomato, eggplant, roasted capsicum, mild salami, percorino cheese & fresh Rocket

(S) $17   (M)$20   (L)$22.50

The El Burrito

Topped with spicy beef, black beans, jalapenos, onion, home made salsa, and topped with corn chips & fresh guacamole

(S) $17   (M)$20   (L)$22.50


Octopus, scallops, green mussels, calamari & prawns with fresh parsley garlic & anchovies

(S) $17   (M)$20   (L)$22.50


Sun-dried tomato, spanish onion, fetta cheese, mushroom, olives & garlic prawns

(S) $17   (M)$20   (L)$22.50


Green scallions, sliced tomato, feta cheese, bacon & garlic prawns

(S) $17   (M)$20   (L)$22.50


Wild rocket, onion jam, rosted peppers, chilli, cabanossi & chorizo

(S) $15   (M)$18   (L)$20.50


Our famous garlic beef, fresh basil, spanish onion & pepperoni

(S) $15   (M)$18   (L)$20.50


Slow cooked lamb leg, spinach, onion, crispy potatoes & homemade tzatziki

(S) $15   (M)$18   (L)$20.50

Calzone (folded pizza)

Filled with spinach, chicken, pineapple & topped with bacon


Healthy Vegetarian  (NO CHEESE - Vegan Friendly)

Fresh basil, sundried tomato, artichoke, mushrooms, capsicum, onion olives & avocado

(S) $15   (M)$18   (L)$20.50

The Balsamic (Vegetarian)

Roasted pumpkin, onion, feta cheese, topped with fresh rocket & a balsamic glaze

(S) $15   (M)$18   (L)$20.50


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La Bella (Vegetarian)

Creamy baked potato, with rosemary

(S) $13   (M)$16   (L)$18.50

The Triple P (Vegetarian)

Creamy potato, pineapple & pesto mayo, with mushroom, capsicum, onion & fresh tomato

(S) $13   (M)$16   (L)$18.50

Siciliana (Vegetarian)

Baked eggplant, spanish onion, olives & pecorino cheese

(S) $13   (M)$16   (L)$18.50

Margarita (Vegetarian)

Just cheese & oregano

(S) $12   (M)$15   (L)$17.50



Fresh basil, sliced tomato, capers, olives & anchovies

(S) $13   (M)$16   (L)$18.50


Shaved leg ham & pineapple

(S) $13   (M)$16   (L)$18.50


Topped with our homemade traditional bolognese sauce

(S) $13   (M)$16   (L)$18.50


Leg ham, mushroom, artichokes, olives, fresh tomato & anchovies

(S) $13   (M)$16   (L)$18.50


Ham, cabanossi, pepperoni, mushroom, onion, capsicum & olives (pineapple & anchovies optional)

(S) $13   (M)$16   (L)$18.50

Meatlovers  (Tomato or BBQ)

Ham, cabanossi, pepperoni, bacon & our famous garlic beef

(S) $13   (M)$16   (L)$18.50


Pepperoni, capsicum, onion, olives & fresh chilli

(S) $13   (M)$16   (L)$18.50

Peri Peri

Baked chicken tenderloin, mushroom, onion, jalapenos, bacon & our fiery peri peri sauce

(S) $13   (M)$16   (L)$18.50

Super Chicken

Baked chicken tenderloin, mushroom, onion, capsicum, bacon & garlic Aioli

(S) $13   (M)$16   (L)$18.50

Sweet Chilli Chicken

Baked chicken tenderloin, spanish onion, avocado & sweet chilli sauce

(S) $15   (M)$18   (L)$20.50

BBQ Chicken

Baked chicken tenderloin, bbq sauce, mushroom, pineapple & bacon

(S) $13   (M)$16   (L)$18.50


**we reserve the right to charge extra for additional toppings, at our discretion